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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 17, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," the fat fight. he's just a second grader. she's just 4 years old. both are already obese. is it already too late to teach them how to eat much healthier. >> i picked out the vegetable. >> our cameras are there to find out. war of the lashes. the enhancers, extensions. tonight, an inside look at the billion-dollar business. and law and order, keeps the streets safe from sex offenders by keeping them locked up after they have served their sentences. the supreme court weighs in.
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good evening, i'm terry moran. we begin tonight with the obesity epidemic. we're going to focus on childhood obesity. for many kids, every day is a bat frl what they eat to how they play to the nasty comments heard from other kids. how does a child so young learn a different way and take control of their health now before risking a lifetime of props. >> reporter: millions of american kids need to lose weight. this is the tale of two of them and how they're trying. a little girl on long island, a little boy in tennessee. ♪ the best of both worlds >> reporter: she knows what she likes. miley cyrus and puzzles. and she really likes food.
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>> i want a cheese sandwich. the lunch dance. i want cookies. chocolate cookies. >> eventually, i cave in. >> they're my favorites. i love it. >> reporter: she's, at 54 pounds, the biggest girl in her prekindergarten class. what does she like to eat? >> a carbohydrate addict. >> reporter: just outside nashville, tennessee, nick a las is a second grader, 7 years old and weighs 117 pounds. zp he's hungry all the time. he can finish eating a meal and five minutes later, he's coming in and saying, i'm hungry again. >> reporter: his weight has impaired his health. me had to have hiss on theles
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removed because of the thickness of his neck he was having difficulty sleeping. fast food, processed food, preservatives, mix with television, video games. it koox up to an epidemic. one in three kids in the country is overweight or obese. >> we don't understand what a normal child look like anymore. overweight is the norm. >> reporter: a lot of parents look at their kids and because they look like everybody else in the neighborhood or slightly thing thinner, they may be overweight. >> this was a tremendous surprise for us. i look at her and don't see morbid obesity. >> reporter: the complications are no secret. >> high blood pressure. heart attack.
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stroke. >> reporter: and that is the every so important reason why nicholas and samantha are about to embark on an effort that all hope will change their habits and their lives. >> we're anxious to go and see what we can learn. >> reporter: they're enlisting in programs for obese children. >> i hope we can change her course. >> can i shake your hand? hi. >> reporter: samantha starts a six-month regimen. >> my job is to teach you how to eat as healthy as possible so you have the healthiest heart and body. >> i'm hungry. >> i know you're hungry. >> reporter: in tennessee, nicholas will be treated at the clinic at vanderbilt. he's weighed in. on long island, so is samantha.
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>> 52.5 pounds. >> reporter: nicholas gets his height measured. >> 53-1/4 inches. >> reporter: these figures track bmi. samantha's is dangerously high. >> it's above the 97th percentile. she's obese. >> the average kid his age weighed about 65 pounds. >> he's greater than 95th percentile. he's at risk for type two diabetes. overweight adults need to lose weight. overweight kids don't want to lose weight. it's to get them to stay at their weight for awhile. a weight their bodies can grow
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into until it becomes more normal for their height or age. >> do you think we've brought her here if time to turn things around and get her healthy is this. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the challenge is complex and enormous. how do you teach a kid not old enough to read how to watch what she eats. >> you see the traffic light, right? >> reporter: dolgoff has created a program. >> green light foods are go, yellow light foosd are slow. >> reporter: how do you get a 4-year-old to stop at red. >> sometimes you get a temper tantrum. after awhile, kids learn sometimes they can have the unhealthy foods, sometimes they can't. >> reporter: the main plan is to get parents and kids to think before they eat. >> food labels can be
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misleading. >> reporter: green light foods are high in protein, fiber, nutrients. >> you are going to be our official fruit and vegetable held opener today. watermelon. >> i never tried this before. >> reporter: the key is involving the child in the selection process. >> look, i picked out the vegetable already. >> reporter: at the weight clinic tennessee, nutrition is as emphasis. before making any suggestions they have to figure out what is going on at home. >> we fix macaroni and cheese every night because that's usually the only thing he will eat. >> i eat the whole thing. >>. >> reporter: the doctor chats are nicholas to get a sense of his habits. >> do row have a tv in your bedroom? >> yes. a big one. >> play station?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: nick is just young enough that his condition can be reversed. >> about his age, 50% of the kids i see are going to say that way. >> reporter: back in long island, samantha's mom is putting the program to the test. >> just take one taste. >> reporter: this is about more han just the physical side of things. she, too, was heavy as a little girl and suffered years of hurtful teasing. >> i don't want her getting hurt. i don't want her to lose that self-esteem. >> reporter: how would they do at something to difficult for adults? we'll see when we return. male announcer ] redesigned power e-trade pro. it's like hardwiring the market right into my desktop. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say.
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thanks for your help.ial. it's no secret that obesity with lead to a lifetime of health problems. millions of adults struggle to find the will power to change their habits, lose that weight, keep it off. if a grownup can't control him or herself, how can a child? >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: we're two weeks into a 6-month-long weight program with nicholas and samantha. the news is good from long island. >> she lost one pound. >> yeah, samantha. >> that great. >> reporter: there's a long way to go. the program is about to shift into a higher gear.
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a mommy and me workout with a finance trainer. she's now working out. at the end of one month, real progress. her weight is the same but her height, well she's grown a quarter of an inch. at the next check up, two weeks later. 52.5. whoo-hoo! >> reporter: back in tennessee, nicholas is working on his new goals. in the kitchen, she's helping with portion control. >> he knows what exactly is a severing. >> reporter: she's brucing vegetables to snack on. >> he's learned macaroni and cheese is not a vegetable. >> what are you eating? >> carrots. >> do you like those? >> they're good. >> reporter: and every other day
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they're going on walk-jogs around the neighborhood. >> this is the fourth week. it gets easier every time. >> reporter: and time, besides perseverance, is the necessary ingreed went. with the six-month mark approaching, we checked in with lori and samantha. >> if it's green, good, a yellow, not so good. a red, a once in awhile thing. >> reporter: she gets that? >> is this a green, a red? can i have a red? >> broccoli was a hit. spinach a hit? >> burgers. >> reporter: a big lesson for lori is when to say no. >> that's not healthy, how would you like some fruit? >> reporter: is it feasible for children so very young to stick
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to these new routines? just the other day, time for the weigh in for both kids. and for nick, not encouraging results. over two months, the bmi is worse slightly. he's put on five pounds and did not grow a single inch taller. >> he had not done as well as i had hoped. even with the supporter fsuppor of family and orking hard, it isn't always successful. >> i know he's more healthy. i'm a very proud mom. >> 51-3/4. she's out of the obese category. in the 93rd percentile. she lost almost three pounds. that's the equivalent of an adult losing about 15 to 20
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pounds. >> translator: progress is encouraging. >> it's fantastic. exactly what i wanted to have happen. >> and that's for you. >> reporter: i'm john donvan, for "nightline," in new york. >> way to go. congratulations to them both. when we come back, it's not just lady gaga, the eye lash business has grown into a billion-dollar industry. find out how in tonight's sign of the times. - at quicken loans, - we're changing the way americans get a home loan.
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and so we turn now in the big business of cosmetics. the lipsticks the glosses, the powders. there's a makeup for every occasion, believe me, at every cost. we're going look at a hot fashion trend right in the eye. for sharyn alfonsi, the business of extreme eyelashes is a "sign of the times." >> reporter: big. bold. eye lashes. ♪ they used to be the domain of drag queens and disgraced televangelists. thick lashes is the aim of main stream america. >> false eyelashes brought about
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$45 million to the beauty industry. >> reporter: that's not all drag queens. >> that's not all drag queens. if you add lash extensions, mascaras, you're looking at a $1 billion a year sector of the beauty business. this is big bucks. >> reporter: and women are willing to try anything, myself included, from fake lashes to eyelash extensions. applied lash by lash. how many lashes do you apply on each eye? >> anywhere from 80 to 120. >> reporter: it takes awhile? >> it does. you go the sleep, close your ice. the lash therapist puts on the lashes. >> reporter: yep, lash stylists.
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extensions cost about $400 and about $150 a month to maintain. still danielle thinks it's worth it. >> i don't need to ware eye make up on eyelash curlers. >> reporter: does it skeeve you out at all to have eyelashes that could fall out at any minute? >> not at all. i don't feel them. i don't notice they're there unless i look in the mirror. >> reporter: that's the look women want. >> big, bold, long, luscious, sexy eyelashes are the biggest beauty trend now. >> reporter: alexandra is a beauty editor. the obsession goes back farther than lady gaga. >> and lashes can't get any thicker than this. great lash, by maybelline.
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>> we can go back to 3000 b.c. men and women applying coal with money and water to their eyelashes. >> reporter: and industry was born. last year, americans spent more than $900 million on mascara alone. fighting for that, cosmetic companies like cover girl. we were invited inside the company's corporate head quarters. we were behind the doors at the eyelash labs. sara has a phd in bioanylitical chemistry. the company tested 50 different brush prototypes. >> just amy as you normally would. you see a temperature change. >> reporter: they cruise thermal
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imaging cameras to make sure it goes on evenly. the competition is stiff. last year, more than 70 new mascaras to the market. >> we have vibrating mascaras. it starts vibrating as soon as you twist it open. this is a marketing gimmick that actually works. these are little fibers. that you brush on to your lashs before your mascara. when cow put your mascara on, it sticks to them. i can put some into your hands. >> reporter: it's like little hairs. >> if you get past the creep out factor -- and this is a selection of mascaras that are colored. just a little hint of color that can give your ice sparkle. >> reporter: you are not going to look like snooki from "the
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jersey shore "? >> you won't. >> reporter: when allergen realized the eye drops they sold worked to enhance eye lashes, they marketed it as latisse. last year, they sold $73 million in latisse. next year, the sales could reach $500 million. >> you have to get this from your doctor. it's going to cost you about $150 a month to keep it up. once you stop using it, the results are gone. >> reporter: there's another way that is popular but not approved by the fda. it's called an eyelash perm. >> it's a clever innovation that does what it says.
12:01 am
your eyelashes are put in teeny titeeny tiny curlers. >> reporter: fake lashes, a $45 million business. >> i think it's fair to say a lot of celebrities out there at you have probably never seen without their false eye lashes on. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: never underestimate the lengths a woman will go to for great length. >> thanks to sharyn for that report. when we come back, the closing argument. tonight, mickey rourke, jorge gar see kra. and pamela anderson is here. i think she's mad.
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